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      Ways to clean stains from leather

      By cooldude | February 2, 2012

      In order to remove stains from leather, Isopropyl alcohol or old rubbing alcohol works better than any other thing for removing ink stains off leather. Old stains may take some time and need some effort and continuous rubbing while fresh stains are easier to clean. Also, a very effective method of cleaning stains from leather includes the process of moistening a piece of white cotton with alcohol. You should not use colored cotton because it might transfer the dye to the light colored leather.

      Gently rubbing the cotton on the stain will gradually cleanse the leather. It’s better not to scrub hard because it can remove a leather layer. One of the other ways of removing stain off leather is by using a dish detergent, soap or hairspray, erasers, removing inks, mayonnaise etc. these methods aren’t recommended though and might not work as effectively as the one aforesaid. But among these the best method would be the use of hair spray.

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