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      Tips For Cleaning Hardwood Floors

      By mymudmits | June 13, 2016

      Clean hardwood floorsWhile talking about the flooring, hardwood flooring is by far one of the best types of flooring one can actually have. Hardwood flooring gives fabulous look and it is also durable and lost lasting if maintained properly. Hardwood flooring comes really costly and hence maintains it becomes very necessary.  For maintain your flooring, you need to focus on cleaning hardwood flooring. Cleaning hardwood flooring is not much difficult but you do have to take some good care and put some effort. Here are some of the tips for cleaning hardwood floors.

      For cleaning hardwood floors, you must vacuum it every week. Vacuuming it daily is also a good idea but if you cannot vacuum it daily then the least you can do is to vacuum it once in a week. If there is dirt and the floor is too much dirty then regular cleaning hardwood floors would help you to maintain its finish and keep its beauty intact. If you are cleaning hardwood floors with brush and other rough materials then chances are there that your finish will be scratched and your hardwood floor would get damaged.

      When you are cleaning hardwood floors, you need to t5ake care that hardwood floors are not good with water and make sure yo0uy don’t mop it or else chances would be there that it would get rot and get damaged and needed to be replaced. For cleaning hardwood floors and maintaining hardwood floors you need to wax it yearly. It will keep the shine of the floors intact and make it look like new again. Thus wax is a good option for cleaning hardwood floors and mop is bad option for cleaning hardwood floors. Although, damp mop is good but not on regular basis.

      Many people used vinegar for cleaning hardwood floors, but it is advisable to not to use vinegar. Using vinegar for cleaning hardwood floors would make the shine of your hardwood floors dull and make it look unattractive.

      As for cleaning hardwood floors, you cannot use water much so the other alternative to clean hardwood floors is to dust smartly. You need to dust your hardwood floors on frequent basis and keep your floor always clean and tidy so the need of deep cleaning does not arise at all.

      While cleaning hardwood floors, you will observe that high traffic areas will be looking more dull and dirty. So keep those areas which are used maximum in your home protected. You can use carpet to cover the area of the floor with high traffic. You can also use decorative rugs to protect high traffic areas of the floor.


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