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      The basics of wood preservatives

      By mymudhut | January 13, 2010

      nullRot is a common problem and in order to save it from damage, we may use wood preservatives. Copper naphthenate is considered to be a very good wood preservative as it acts against fungi and wood pests. This chemical is also certified by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency as safe for humans while treating wood. This product is water resistant and attaches very well with wood fibers. Not only it is used to prevent dry rot, mildew and mold but also effectively guards the wood against termites and deadly insects. It can treat timber, utility poles, piling, bridge timbers, and railroad crossties among many others.

      The basic category of wood preservatives is alkaline copper quaternary, copper Chromium Arsenic and Organic Solvent Preservatives. If you want to choose the one that is safer, you may choose alkaline copper quaternary and Organic Solvent Preservatives. These can be applied when the process of manufacturing is taking place.

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