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      Taking Care of Your Dining Table

      By cooldude | November 11, 2013

      Dining TableOne of the best home improvements that can be done is to place a new dining table. It increases the standard of our home. It is the place where we can eat and gossip together with our family members and friends also dining table can look even more attractive if we purchase dining sets of our choices.

      With the passage of time any dining tables start loosing their shine and look unattractive.
      There are different cleaning tips for different kinds of table sets:-

      Glass dining tables: A glass table is more stylish than any other table and it is used by many as it improves the standard of living .It adds quality to any dining area. But it easily gets affected by scratches. It requires special care. Simply water, paper towel, glass cleaner and a cloth is required to clean the table. Food remnants, dirt and other particles can be removed by using soap water

      Wood dining table: Cleaning a wood dining table is different from that of a glass table. It requires a wood cleaner using a clean cloth. It should be done two times during a year so that the wood table looks more elegant and fresh for a longer period of time.

      Marble dining table: Marble dining table is the most beautiful one. Its original shine and design make the visitors look impressed. Despite being stylish they are durable as well. It is expensive as compared to others. While having meals you should place a table cloth, table pads, or mats on its surface. Clean the surface regularly with a soft piece of cloth and sometimes with warm water to avoid stains. Sealing your marble table is must once in a year.

      All the above tips will help to maintain the dining table and restore its glossy look. It is important for every family member to take care of the furniture and see to it that it lasts long.

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