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      Solar hot water systems

      By mymudhut | February 9, 2010

      nullSolar hot water systems are one of the best means of saving money and energy. They are environment friendly and help you to have hot water whenever you wish. Solar heaters work on the sun’s energy.

      Two types of solar water heating systems are used for homes. One is the active system and the other is the passive system. All solar water heaters need insulated storage tanks and solar collectors. Before you decide to install one at your home, you must keep the following points in mind:

      • Calculate whether the solar hot water system will be economical or not. If you have very less requirement of hot water every day, this may not be a good option.

      • Find out the suitability of your home site for the solar heater.

      • Check and determine the size and type of system that may be suitable.

      • Estimate the price that you have to pay for the installation and any other construction or demolition that may be required.

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