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      Pepping Up Your Rooftop

      By cooldude | October 11, 2013

      RooftopNowadays people are going for a whole house renovation and are giving particularly more attention to roofing details. Rooftops are the first thing affected in case of damaging weather makes it a very vital part of the house, something to which importance should be given. Here are a list and description of few roofing materials that may be useful for those planning to correct or change their rooftops.

      Wood shingles:

      Wood shingles are 100% natural roofing material with a lot of required maintenance. Inspite of being very energy efficient and lighter in comparison to all other roofing material these are not so popular. This can be used for contemporary and historic cottages, bungalows and ranches.

      Asphalt shingles or composition:

      These are the most popular roofing materials amongst home owners. They are recyclable and low budget. They require minimum maintenance and can be nailed over already existing rooftops. These are also available in different styles and colour.


      Metal are amongst the coolest rooftops possible. Mostly recycled metal is used for rooftop building and they last for twice as much as any other roofing material. They are a little expensive but apart from offering a high durability they also offer high solar reflectance, insulation and resistance to adverse weather. Metal roofs are available in stainless steel, copper and aluminium material. Works well with contemporary cottages, ranches and bungalows.

      Fibre cement:

      This is a mixture consisting of wood, clay and concrete. These shape looking mixtures are fireproof and have a high lasting. These are not suitable for very cold climates as they have a tendency to crack. They are available in a spectrum of colours and variety. This type of roofing works with architectural types of housing.


      It is very heavy but very durable and distinctive roofing material. Used for colonial, French and chateau house types.

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