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    • Space saving furniture options for your small apartment

      By cooldude | October 3, 2013

      Space saving furnitureHave you just shifted to a small apartment and planning for furnishing options? Well, the modern urban apartment dwellers often grieve about the lack of space which limits them on furnishing choices. However, not to worry as there are some furnishing ideas that are great space-savers and would perfectly match up with your space limitation issues. The article here is a brief on the different space saving furniture choices for your little apartment.

      You can take to sofa-cum-bed here and its one of the most dominant choices for small apartment dwellers. This particular furniture will serve as your bedding whenever you need to lie down and would also work as a fine seating when you wish to enjoy your favorite match over a cup of coffee. The sofa-cum beds are wide enough to accommodate two people at least on the bed. Then, you have the L-shaped couches. These are great seating arrangements for small drawing rooms as these are designed to utilize your drawing space intelligently without compromising on guest accommodation. If you often have friends coming over to your place, get a futon bed. A futon bed will serve as a fashionable seating area by day and is long enough to work up as a single bed.

      Folding tables and chairs are a must have for small apartments. You will get folding dining tables and chairs today which can be folded up while you dine and folded down to pass under your bed or line up against the wall. Besides, get chairs with plenty of storage options. There are chairs available with storage option for magazines and books. Moreover, there are some really trendy coffee tables that open up to make space for laptop. In regards to kid rooms, get bunk or loft beds that enable you to have your bedding and study within the same floor space.

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      An Overview Of Different Roofing Materials

      By cooldude | September 10, 2013

      Roofing MaterialsToday the homeowners pay special attention to the kind of roofing material that is used in constructing the roof of their homes. If you are thinking of replacing an old roof or constructing a new roof then this article will surely be very useful for you. As you will read on you will get acquainted with the different types of roofing materials that have come into existence.

      Here is some information about the different roofing materials that are famous among homeowners.

      Composition or asphalt shingles: These are low maintenance and low cost roofing materials that are very well-known among the homeowners. Composition shingles are recyclable and are available in different styles and colors. Installing these materials is very simple and these can be nailed over the already existing roof as well.

      Slate: This material is beautiful and natural. It is rot-resistant, fire-resistant, strong and extremely versatile. Slate roofs are also durable, low maintenance and energy efficient. These enhance the look and value of a home indefinitely.

      Metal: Metals such as zinc, lead and copper were used in many historic monuments as roofing materials. Now again their popularity has increased. Steel is also used as a roofing material these days. All these metals are low maintenance, fire-retardant and durable.

      Wood shingles: This is also an all-natural roofing material which is less heavy in comparison with the other roofing materials. Wood shingles are energy efficient but taking care of them is not at all easy.

      The material you pick for building the roof will obviously have a great impact on your budget. You have to select a material that will be durable and will be easily repaired if it damaged due to some reason. The cooling and heating cost of your house will also be affected by the roofing material you have chosen. Take the help of a roofing expert to pick one perfect material.

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      Take to granite counter top for your culinary space

      By cooldude | August 31, 2013

      granite counter topThe culinary space in your home or in other word your kitchen is a very important part of your home. You should be very careful while decorating the kitchen. Decorating kitchen in the proper style can really impart a royal and classy look to your home. A very important part of the kitchen decoration is the decoration of the counter top of the kitchen. There are many options when it comes to the selection of the counter tops for your kitchen. But you have to consider all the options carefully.

      Some people consider wooden counter top for the culinary space. It is true that the wooden counter top will indeed induce a royal look to your home but there are also certain backdrops of using the wooden counter top. Since it is the culinary space, it is evident that there will be use of water. Wooden counter will be damaged due to continuous exposure to water. Also termite damaging your wooden counter top is very normal. All these problems can be easily done away with if we use granite counter top for the culinary space.

      Granite is available in a lot of color, texture and design. You can select the color and the texture of the granite for the counter top in accordance with the interior of your house and in particular your kitchen. The maintenance of granite is not a very difficult task. Granite counter tops are resistant to stains. Even if there is some stain, you can easily remove it by using a proper cleaner. Also water doesn’t have any harmful effects on the granite counter top. Moreover installing a granite counter top is very easy and can be done without much difficulty. Also the granite counter is much more durable and once installed you don’t have to think about replacement for a number of years.

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      Choosing wallpaper complementing your room

      By cooldude | August 23, 2013

      room wallpaperHave you planned to deck up your room with wallpapers? Well, wallpapers are definitely some fantastic additions to your walls assuring a better lasting effect than paints. However, before you settle with the wallpaper selection make sure it complements your room size and contour. Here are some tips that will help you in finding the right wallpaper.

      First of all, if you are worried about your low ceiling, try to go for wallpapers with vertical stripes- the vertical patterns help to make your ceiling look higher. If your room is too narrow and you want a spacious ambience, count on wallpapers with horizontal patterns or stripes.

      The rooms with smaller dimensions look good with wallpapers patterned in geometrical motifs. Make sure never to get dark wallpapers for smaller rooms as these make the room appear constricted and narrower. Do not go for intricate patterns for smaller rooms as these will create a heavy and overwhelming ambience across the room. For smaller rooms, it’s best to decorate the walls with broad wallpapers trips rather than a wholesome piece covering the entire space. The wallpaper strips must be stuck keeping good space in between them for a clean and cool environ.

      For larger spaces, you are free to experiment with big wide patterns and dark shades. There are some really classy dark shaded wallpaper designs in the market today. You can utilize the dark wallpaper to create a stark stylish contrast in the room placing it on one of the walls when you have the other walls in white, cream or beige shades. In regards to wallpaper patterns for large rooms, you will find gorgeous wallpapers with detailed motifs to complement your grand Victorian décor. If you have a very trendy décor, 3D wallpapers would be ideal to get the desired edgy feel to the walls.

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      The Good Bits of Wicker Furniture

      By cooldude | June 26, 2013

      Wicker furniture, furnitureWicker furniture refers to the furniture made from canes. You can have in your drawing room or lawn or in the gazebo. No matter wherever you have them, wicker furniture comes with a great deal of advantages.

      First of all, wicker furniture pieces are pretty lightweight and would be helpful while you are rearranging them. Then these furniture pieces are able to withstand a great range of weather conditions. You won’t need to invest on costly cleaning products for their maintenance- just a regular cleaning & a varnish coat is sufficient to keep them unaffected from humidity and sunlight.

      Then, wicker furniture pieces are really comfortable. You can spend your long weekend leisure hours comfortably on wicker chair or futons. You will find the wicker chairs, tables and sofas in different styles and designs to pick from. It’s to stress here that wicker furniture is highly affordable and stylish as well.

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      How to select a residential elevator?

      By cooldude | June 14, 2013

      residential elevatorResidential elevators are a great way to add value to your house in terms of beauty and price. They also provide many benefits like helping in the transportation of the elderly, disabled people who have issues in mobility. There are certain factors that you have to consider when deciding to install a residential elevator. It should be good enough to fulfill all the factors of functionality and beauty.

      As this is a major technical part of construction in the home, it is strongly advised to consult a professional before making any decisions. There are various elevator technologies which can be used in the home. Traditional hydraulic elevator, pneumatic elevator, and vacuum elevator are to name a few which can be installed for your home. The distance you want to travel, the amount you can spend, the weight capacity of the lift is some of the few factors that you would have to consider.

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      How to use shades of red generously in your home

      By cooldude | June 7, 2013

      Home decor ideas, home decorRed is one of the most experimented colors. Nowadays people are going bold and aren’t afraid to experiment with colors and red are a great color to use in order to spice up your space. If you want to use red in your home, you can start with the fabric. A tablecloth or red patterns on curtains or even cushion covers can be selected with shades of red. If you have a small room, a red snug carpet can really bring in the warmth that the room requires. If you’re feeling bold, you can splash up your walls in blood or wine red for a unique but funky look. Don’t forget wall decors. They too can be selected din reds. Photo frames, table lamps, a fruit basket, or a wall clock- go red wherever you want but make sure not to overdo it all.

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      A guide to choose the right light fixtures

      By cooldude | May 31, 2013

      home lightning, home decorLight fixtures are one of the most important parts in any interior decoration project. Selecting it is one of the most difficult tasks as they not only act as a source of light in your home but at the same time it makes sure that your interior looks good and creates the ample amount of light. Here are some tips that you might want to look at before selecting the correct light fixtures for your home.
      • You need to be original while selecting the light fixtures. There is lot of fixtures present in the market so select according to the theme of your home. The fixture can be a source of light or used to highlight a certain antique item on the wall.
      • While selecting the fixture for the bedroom you can use the dim lights so as to create a warm ambience in the room.
      • You can also use the small light fittings near your bed so that you do not need to switch on the brighter light for small works.
      Thus use these tips to find the best light fixtures for your room.

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      Mold Removal Techniques

      By cooldude | May 5, 2013

      Mold RemovalMold removal is not that particularly hard when the mold infestation is comparatively less. All kinds of mould is due to presence of humid air in the home, if the humidity levels are above 70% then you are sure to acquire molds. Even black mold from water damage on walls can be dealt with easily.

      For non porous surfaces the best thing to do against mold is chlorine beach. Taking 1/2th part bleach or 1/4th part bleach in water to create a chlorine water substituent for cleaning mold is actually very beneficial on non porous surfaces like porcelain, ceramic and etc. for porous surfaces like hardwood and cement walls make sure to get a boric acid mixture. The boric acid mixture available in the market is not concentrated enough, hence mix hydrogen peroxide 33-35% with three parts water and add boric one cup boric acid to it. Make sure to damped the region before cleaning them, allow acid to stay for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse it off alter.

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      Dos and don’ts of hiring a general contractor

      By cooldude | April 28, 2013

      If you are looking for a contractor for some work in your home, then prior to your selection of a general contractor you should take care of few important factors. First of all make a list of all the works that are to be done in your home. It is very important since depending on that you will have to look for a contractor. However for all sorts stray works like that of repair and maintenance a general contractor is the best.

      Once you have narrowed down on any contractor, take proper information about him. Check whether he is competent enough to do the works that you need to do or not. You can take proper information about the quality of service provided by the contractor. You can also ask him for the database of his previous clients so that you can collect reviews about his works.

      Visit two three contractors and compare their charges, quality of service, etc. After you have made a successful comparison, then only hire a general contractor for the work.

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