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    • How to Prevent Roof Leaks

      By Linda | March 28, 2014

      ways to prevent roof leaksThe biggest issue which irritates the home owners most is the roof leaks due to any circumstance. Reasons can be anything like poor installation of roof, poor quality of materials used at the time of installation of roof, or the improper maintenance of roof, etc. firstly there was no option to change or repair the leaks in the roof but now there are many options which can help you to prevent the roof leaks. Methods like removing the moss or the algae from the roof which create damage to the roof or by repairing the shingles or the sheets of the roof which is installed in the roof. There are many reasons through which damage of the roof can take place and it can incur more cost expenditure to the homeowners. This article will help you to ascertain the preventive measures to build up the roof leaks at your home.

      Preventive Steps for Roof Leaks:

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      Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipments

      By cooldude | February 2, 2014

      Swimming Pool CleaningDo you have a lovely swimming pool at your backyard which you have planned for your lazy summer afternoons? Well, a pool at home is always a “neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride” but you have to ensure proper cleaning of the swimming pool. Here’s few ways to get a clean swimming pool always:

      Auto pool cleaners

      Pool cleaning had been a manual affair traditionally but not any more since these days you have the auto pool cleaners for both above ground & in-ground pools. You can go for auto pressure-side or robotic cleaner. These cleaners would handle the debris cluttering the pool and promise a way faster clean-up in comparison to manual cleaning.

      Pump assembly

      It is another very useful swimming pool cleaning & maintenance equipment. The function of pump assembly is to maintain healthy circulation within the pool water. As a pool owner, your everyday job is to pump out the dirty water and replace it with fresh and new water to ensure a spick & span ambience. There are energy-efficient or green pumps today that come up with auto control mechanism. Try to get multi-speed pumps with lower HP for lesser energy consumption. The good news is that you might get tax credits, rebates & grants for the pump assembly equipment too.

      Pool filtration system

      Don’t miss out on pool filtration as it’s vital for a thoroughly clean swimming pool. Your swimming pool is stuffed with cartridge, DE or diatomaceous earth and sand that altogether pollute the water. Thus, it’s advised that you go for a top-notch cartridge filter which would be able to filter out the microscopic particles from the water, leaving a clean pool behind. If you want sparkling water, just sprinkle little bit of DE powder on the pool water.

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      Wooden furniture for your patio

      By cooldude | December 30, 2013

      Wooden furnitureIf you have a patio or a garden and are looking for ways to make it look attractive and elegant, well wood might just be your answer. Wood is never out of style. Whether it is used for flooring, kitchen chairs, staircases or your patio furniture, wood looks great and is always value-for-money. Yes it is more expensive than simple plastic, but if you truly care about your house and want it to look the best, then that extra expense will not matter to you.

      Brown and green have always complemented each other as colours. This is another advantage that wood will provide you as the patio furniture will easily blend in with the surroundings and your patio will have a fresh charm for itself.

      However, to make sure that your wooden patio furniture will last long, you must take good care of it. It is hardwood after all. Firstly, you must clean your patio furniture on a regular basis. This furniture is always outdoors, and faces all weather fluctuations like heavy rain, strong sun, winds or even snow. And you cannot take it in every time there is bad weather. What if nobody is at home? Hence you must carefully protect the wood to ensure it lasts long.

      However, ascertaining what kind of protection your furniture needs depends on the prevailing weather in your place of stay. For snowy and rainy areas, oil based sprays can be used in order to protect the wood from the moisture. If you live in a dry sunny area, a compound which offers protection to the wood from UV rays is the perfect option.

      Most people care about the top of the furniture and neglect the legs. And furniture which is supported by rotten or shaky legs is anything but long lasting. Buy rubber soles which would protect your legs completely, especially during winters.
      Hope you now have a better idea about having wooden furniture for your patio. So buy your chairs and tables, put them out and enjoy those sunny breakfasts with family.

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      Clean Upholstered furniture

      By cooldude | December 26, 2013

      Clean Upholstered furnitureYour upholstery is often the most neglected part of the home when it comes to cleaning. You are conscious enough to sweep and mop the floors daily or dust the walls but least careful while dusting off the sofas or chairs. One should know that the upholstered furnishing demands regular cleaning and maintenance as otherwise he would end up with damaged fabric shortly. The post below jots down necessary tips to follow for upholstered furniture clean-up.

      First of all, dusting is significant here. Your chairs and sofas are exposed open throughout that allows dust to settle on conveniently. A regular dusting is thus essential- do take time out to wipe clean the furnishing with baby wipes once a week. Vacuum cleaning is another useful aspect of keeping your upholstered furniture spick and span. The experts suggest a vacuum minimum twice a week.

      In case of any spillage or stain on the upholstered furniture, you have to start immediate. Take a damp rag and press it on the wet area well for maximum blot. Do not rub on the stain as you will end up damaging the sofa fabric. After you are done with the blotting, allow your furniture cleaner to get rid off the stains. Make sure to use a mild cleaner that would be gentle on the furniture fabric.
      Surface cleaning is important once in two weeks. Wet up a clean rag in white vinegar & wring it out properly. Now, wipe the vinegar clad rag down your upholstered chairs or sofas for a thorough clean-up of surface dust. This is a wonderful way to ensure a clean and fresh smelling furnishing.

      You can also use a homemade cleaning gel with soap flakes (6 tablespoon), boiling water (1 pint) and Borax (2 tablespoon). Blend them well to form a cool gel w3hich is to beat to form foam. Get a clean brush to clean up the upholstered furniture in the house with home-made gel.

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      Things to look for in an office desk

      By cooldude | December 10, 2013

      office deskOne of the most important and required object in an office is the desk. One can never imagine a workplace without tables. Employees will find it very difficult or almost impossible to complete their work without a table. There are different kinds of desks, all with different feature and this should be kept in mind.

      Modern offices function smoothly only because of proper desks. They help you to have a clutter free work space that is very essential for the success of any business. This will also help to maximize the utility of the employees. An unorganized work place can have a negative impact on the clients who may find the place to be quite unproductive. Modern desks are also helpful as they are in accordance with the latest technology. Earlier desks were made for the desktop users but today these desks are made for the people using laptops and are geared with keyboard drawers and separate cabinets for CPU has been removed. When you go for the purchase of desk you should keep your needs in mind, whether the workers have to work with PCs or laptops.

      Besides this the desk should have enough space to provide for writing. There should be cut out sections to allow the cables and the cords to pass through. You can also have a phone and a lamp that will increase the efficiency level of the workers. You can add clips to hold onto the wires. There are a variety of materials in which the desks are available like cherry, oak, mahogany and walnut. Different kind of wood adds different looks to the office which should be one of the major concerns for the employers. Employees feel more motivated to work in a clutter free and stylish office. A dull office is very boring to work at.

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      Kitchen Light Fixtures: Adding Charm To Your Kitchen

      By cooldude | November 25, 2013

      Kitchen Light FixturesA kitchen is the attractive place where food is prepared for serving. Therefore, you will have to decorate your kitchen beautifully. Therefore, proper plans on kitchen décor are needed. To make your kitchen luxurious and eco-friendly, you must install new furniture pieces.

      For Kitchen Décor- Install the Sophisticated Lighting Accessories

      Before beginning your kitchen decoration, measure the size of the room. For illumination, you will have to install colorful lamps into the kitchen. However, you can’t overlook the color combination. Therefore, do comprehensive surveys to find well fitted lighting fixtures for kitchen design. There are different types of lighting fixtures for changing the look and appearance of the kitchen. For instance, pendant lamps are colorful with superb aesthetic appeal. It is easy to hang these ultra-thin lighting fixtures anywhere in the pantry room. The interior décor of the kitchen must be brilliant. If you like vintage kitchen décor lighting devices, install mini-chandlers for decoration. You can turn your kitchen to a small dining room for dinner as well. In that case, use the dimmer switches to adjust light. You can turn on your dimmer lighting switches to enhance the brightness of the room. Same way, you can minimize the dazzling lighting effect with these sophisticated switches. Always buy energy efficient lighting attachments for designing the kitchen.
      Kitchen lighting fixtures are equally valuable. Your kitchen will be dull to look in case lighting accessories are not attractive. Many people spend money for remodeling the countertops, marbling the floor, and painting walls. They don’t take care of the lighting fixtures. Kitchens must have wonderful lighting accessories to illuminate the room. In this connection, you should start navigating online to find some excellent lighting fixtures. Your kitchen must have natural elegance. Online home improvement stores sell cost effective lamps, electric appliances and furniture. So, purchase the best kitchen décor items from online stores.

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      Taking Care of Your Dining Table

      By cooldude | November 11, 2013

      Dining TableOne of the best home improvements that can be done is to place a new dining table. It increases the standard of our home. It is the place where we can eat and gossip together with our family members and friends also dining table can look even more attractive if we purchase dining sets of our choices.

      With the passage of time any dining tables start loosing their shine and look unattractive.
      There are different cleaning tips for different kinds of table sets:-

      Glass dining tables: A glass table is more stylish than any other table and it is used by many as it improves the standard of living .It adds quality to any dining area. But it easily gets affected by scratches. It requires special care. Simply water, paper towel, glass cleaner and a cloth is required to clean the table. Food remnants, dirt and other particles can be removed by using soap water

      Wood dining table: Cleaning a wood dining table is different from that of a glass table. It requires a wood cleaner using a clean cloth. It should be done two times during a year so that the wood table looks more elegant and fresh for a longer period of time.

      Marble dining table: Marble dining table is the most beautiful one. Its original shine and design make the visitors look impressed. Despite being stylish they are durable as well. It is expensive as compared to others. While having meals you should place a table cloth, table pads, or mats on its surface. Clean the surface regularly with a soft piece of cloth and sometimes with warm water to avoid stains. Sealing your marble table is must once in a year.

      All the above tips will help to maintain the dining table and restore its glossy look. It is important for every family member to take care of the furniture and see to it that it lasts long.

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      How To Get Rid of Excessive Energy Bills?

      By cooldude | November 10, 2013

      Excessive Energy BillsIf your monthly bills are too high then you will have to take a look at your heating and cooling systems because they are the main culprits. Just installing a room heater or the cooler is not an end in itself and switching them off is not the right way to save money. In order to enjoy them as well as to keep your monthly bills at the minimum level you should have a look at the following steps.

      a) You should make sure that the size of the equipment is as per the needs of your room. The best equipment to invest in is the one bearing the energy star rating.
      b) Your heating or cooling device must be regularly repaired and checked by the experts. You should do this before the season when they are supposed to be used the most.
      c) The thermostat must be kept low in winter and high in summer.
      d) The vents must be cleaned on a regular basis and must be ensured that the vents are not blocked by any furniture.
      e) The air filter must be regularly changed say once in every three months.
      f) The air ducts must be sealed properly to ensure that there is no loss of the heated or the cooled air.
      g) The sun rays must be blocked with drapes so that your rooms say cold in winter and the effect of the air conditioner is felt for a longer time.
      h) The doors and windows must be fitted properly so that there is proper insulation.
      i) The exhaust fans must be turned off within twenty minutes of the completion of your work. While you install a new exhaust make sure that it is energy efficient and makes less noise.

      The right way to use your heating and cooling equipments help you a lot to reduce your excessive energy bills.

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      Pest control methods for your garden

      By cooldude | October 21, 2013

      Pest control for gardensIt is obvious that if you have a garden you will have pests in it. A little cripple or weeds are common to spoil the look of your treasured garden. But you need to opt for the best pest control methods to keep your garden beautiful to look the best from the visitor’s point of view. Pest management can be classified into two different ways. You already know that prevention is better than cure and this is the very first way to manage pests. The second way is the measures taken to control the pests which have made your garden their home where free food is available everywhere. The second way of pest management will be required only when you fail to prevent them.

      The keyword to pest prevention is keeping your plants in the garden healthy. You can be assured that the plants in your garden are at their best condition in terms of their health only when you choose the right varieties of plants suitable for your garden. The plants should also be grouped by keeping in mind their elemental needs. A proper attention and care should be provided to the internal calendar of the plants. Only those plants should be chosen by you who can stay healthy in the type of soil your garden holds. The fertility of the soil should also be checked before planting more plants. Different types of soil have different water resistance capacity. If more amount of water retention is required by the soil, enough supply of water should be there from some artificial source. If these points are kept in mind, if you have a garden then your plants will stay healthier for a long period of time.

      On the other hand, if you fail to do so you will have to go for the next method of pest control. Pests can be controlled botanically, biologically as well as physically. Insects like lady bugs, praying mantis and spiders can be controlled by opting biological method of pest controlling.

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      Pepping Up Your Rooftop

      By cooldude | October 11, 2013

      RooftopNowadays people are going for a whole house renovation and are giving particularly more attention to roofing details. Rooftops are the first thing affected in case of damaging weather makes it a very vital part of the house, something to which importance should be given. Here are a list and description of few roofing materials that may be useful for those planning to correct or change their rooftops.

      Wood shingles:

      Wood shingles are 100% natural roofing material with a lot of required maintenance. Inspite of being very energy efficient and lighter in comparison to all other roofing material these are not so popular. This can be used for contemporary and historic cottages, bungalows and ranches.

      Asphalt shingles or composition:

      These are the most popular roofing materials amongst home owners. They are recyclable and low budget. They require minimum maintenance and can be nailed over already existing rooftops. These are also available in different styles and colour.


      Metal are amongst the coolest rooftops possible. Mostly recycled metal is used for rooftop building and they last for twice as much as any other roofing material. They are a little expensive but apart from offering a high durability they also offer high solar reflectance, insulation and resistance to adverse weather. Metal roofs are available in stainless steel, copper and aluminium material. Works well with contemporary cottages, ranches and bungalows.

      Fibre cement:

      This is a mixture consisting of wood, clay and concrete. These shape looking mixtures are fireproof and have a high lasting. These are not suitable for very cold climates as they have a tendency to crack. They are available in a spectrum of colours and variety. This type of roofing works with architectural types of housing.


      It is very heavy but very durable and distinctive roofing material. Used for colonial, French and chateau house types.

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