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      Mold Removal Techniques

      By cooldude | May 5, 2013

      Mold RemovalMold removal is not that particularly hard when the mold infestation is comparatively less. All kinds of mould is due to presence of humid air in the home, if the humidity levels are above 70% then you are sure to acquire molds. Even black mold from water damage on walls can be dealt with easily.

      For non porous surfaces the best thing to do against mold is chlorine beach. Taking 1/2th part bleach or 1/4th part bleach in water to create a chlorine water substituent for cleaning mold is actually very beneficial on non porous surfaces like porcelain, ceramic and etc. for porous surfaces like hardwood and cement walls make sure to get a boric acid mixture. The boric acid mixture available in the market is not concentrated enough, hence mix hydrogen peroxide 33-35% with three parts water and add boric one cup boric acid to it. Make sure to damped the region before cleaning them, allow acid to stay for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse it off alter.

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