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      How to use shades of red generously in your home

      By cooldude | June 7, 2013

      Home decor ideas, home decorRed is one of the most experimented colors. Nowadays people are going bold and aren’t afraid to experiment with colors and red are a great color to use in order to spice up your space. If you want to use red in your home, you can start with the fabric. A tablecloth or red patterns on curtains or even cushion covers can be selected with shades of red. If you have a small room, a red snug carpet can really bring in the warmth that the room requires. If you’re feeling bold, you can splash up your walls in blood or wine red for a unique but funky look. Don’t forget wall decors. They too can be selected din reds. Photo frames, table lamps, a fruit basket, or a wall clock- go red wherever you want but make sure not to overdo it all.

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