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      How to treat woodworm

      By mymudhut | July 10, 2009

      nullWoodworm may seriously damage soft wood, whereas hard wood is also not exempted. First you need to identify the level of damage caused by the woodworm. If your structure crumbles miserably, then it will need to be replaced. If you see that only the outer layer of the wood is affected, you can get it treated and secure it from future damage. For this purpose, you can call a professional or even treat woodworm all by yourself.

      There are different products available in the market that helps you get rid of woodworms. Firstly, read the instructions carefully before applying the treatment. You can use a handy garden sprayer to spray contents at any angle and any place required to treat woodworms. It is harmful to inhale the gas or smell emitted by the medicine. So you should leave the premises for a day or so till the work is completed. You should also wear facemask, gloves and goggles to avoid contact with the medicine used in the treatment.

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