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      How to control wood pests

      By mymudhut | January 12, 2010

      nullWood pests cause serious trouble to your home furnishings and affect your health as well. It does become very important to control wood pests to live in a germ free environment. There are basically two types of wood pests: powderpost beetles and dry wood termites. The first type of pest eats up your wood for a long time and rounds it to dust. Dry wood termites are also similar as they are formed of hundreds of eggs and reside in huge numbers. These insects make burrows within your wood to feed on them.

      The only way to control these dangerous wood pests, you need to consult specialists from licensed pest control firms. They can only assure proper treatment for termites and free your home of them. They have a list of treatments that come with a specific guarantee that you can ask for. It is always advisable to vacate your house during the time it is treated of pests.

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