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      How To Clean Your Chimney

      By mymudmits | January 24, 2017

      tips on chimney cleaning

      Ways of chimney cleaning

      There are certain homeowners who are very much drawn with their fireplace that they will ignore all the hassle and mess which will come along with the chimney. They will also ignore maintenance part and operational part of the chimney and also the dangerous energy inefficiency of it. However apart from all this, what cannot be ignored is the creosote. It is a foul smelling and gummy byproduct of combustion. This makes it very important to clean your chimney or else it can be dangerous. This creosote will gradually build up and it can be an actual like risking hazard and hence you have to be a pro and clean your chimney in timely manner before it creates any danger. Based on one of the estimate, collection of this dangerous creosote contributes a lot to the home fires. If you don’t want to risk your home and your life, you need to be active and clean your chimney effectively and in regular time intervals. Here are some of the tips and tricks which would help you to clean your chimney.

      Step 1

      When you are cleaning your chimney and your fireplace, you will make your floor dirty and end up wasting too much time cleaning it, if you don’t take safety measures. You can take painters drop cloth or plastic tarp and place them on your floor while cleaning your chimney. After that, start with getting rid of the stray bits and ash of wood from your firebox. Make it is free of all the loose debris. After that, you can proceed to opening the damper. It is not possible to separate you’re your living room and your chimney while you are cleaning your chimney and to save your living room from getting dirty, you can make use of plastic sheeting and quality tape. Seal up each and everything of your living room without any gaps.

      Step 2

      When you are cleaning your chimney, one of the essential things which you forget to consider is safety measures. Make sure you put on safety glasses while cleaning your chimney as it will seal your eyes. Along with that also put n dust mask so that you don’t inhale all the dirt and dust coming out the chimney while cleaning it. Keeps some good chimney cleaning brushes and a steady and safe ladder which can take you on the roof?

      Step 3

      Use the chimney cleaning brush while you are on the roof. Remove the cap of the chimney first and then put the brush inside it. Be careful as there can be birds, animals or squirrels residing in there and your sudden cleaning and accidental exposure of them to you can make you misbalanced. Beware of any such situations. There are various size of brush use each of them and clean your chimney properly. After you are done with cleaning, uncover the plastic sheeting you placed in the room and clean your room properly so that there is no dust or dirt in there.

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