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      How to build a ventilation system for your house

      By mymudhut | June 8, 2009

      nullA good ventilation system is very important for your house to ward off smell, smoke and keep your home fresh. Improper ventilation may result in health related troubles and also may damage your home interiors. Ways of building a good ventilation system for your house are:

      Opening a door or a window in case it is too stuffy and warm inside compared to outside, offers instant natural ventilation.

      You can select a good ventilation system and install it in all your bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchen. You may use the existing cables and channels to reduce installation costs.

      Exhaust fans are a great means to dispel smoke and odor from kitchens and toilets.
      You may even approach a HVAC contractor to get a good ventilation system for your entire house.

      Always remember to insulate ducts in case you live in extreme climatic regions. In order to maximize ventilation, use the right size duct according to the size of the room.

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