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      Getting Rid of That Pesky Pool Algae

      By qwcdirect | January 9, 2011

      The maintenance of the swimming pool at home is very essential. A big problem faced by homeowners while making an effort to keep the pool clean is the growth of algae. Normally, chlorinating the pool to maintain a proper pH balance is effective in preventing the growth of algae. However, there may be instances when even after chlorination the homeowner may find that the algae are making the pool their safe home. In these cases, the situation may demand treatment that is more specialized.

      The dangers of algae are quite a few. Firstly, it reduces the beauty of the pool and no swimmer wants to swim in a pool that is full of algae. Further, the water containing algae may also contain E. coli and that can be a real danger.

      To get rid of the algae the pool owner should use an algaecide and to prevent the recurrence of the algae an algae stat should be useful besides the normal cleaning procedures.

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