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      Farming in courtyard

      By qwcdirect | August 3, 2010

      Your courtyard is big enough and you haven’t still thought of ideas to use this expanse. You may try farming as a productive option for your courtyards. This will allow you budgeting in food. Of course, you will only be able to grow a few seasonal vegetables.

      Invest in meaningful fertilizers and keep spraying your courtyard. First get your courtyard tested on its arability. You can then cut the land in ridges and terraces. This customizes the layers of soil. Then go for good sprouts like jackfruit and okra. Go for those vegetables that do not require too many constants for growing up.

      Agriculture is not taxed anywhere in the world and you save a lot by doing farming. You can also dig small fish ponds and culture them. Small fish eggs in fresh water go up to good produce. You cannot of course use commercial farming method like tractors. Thus use traditional ones and water your farms daily.

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