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      Energy Efficient Window Treatments Can Save You Money

      By mymudhut | February 21, 2010

      nullTo provide energy to run a home cost a lot of money. Energy saving is thus directly money saving. The same holds true for window treatments. If you have energy efficient window treatment, then it can save you money.

      • The blinds keep the room cold during the summers by blocking the sunlight. Choose a blind that completely blocks the sunlight so that your air-conditioning bill reduces.

      • The blinds should also keep your room warm during the winters by trapping the hot air inside the room. Thus the window treatment should be done with natural fibers which can provide both.

      • The blind should be chosen in such a color that it doesn’t make the room so dark that you need to switch on the lights in the day time.

      • The window treatment should be easily moved and opened so that sunlight can be easily allowed or blocked whenever required.

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