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      Different Types of Garbage Disposal System

      By qwcdirect | March 31, 2010


      Waste disposal systems have a big impact on our environment. Waste is harmful to our systems and has proven to be harmful tour environment. Waste disposal is the removal of solid waste from our business and homes. The three types of garbage disposal systems in our homes is the batch feed, septic and continuous systems. The continuous method uses a switch attached to the wall. It is the most common in homes and buildings

      The main features of a waste disposal system involve changing the design of the materials that are needed. The main types of these systems are the combustion, landfills, and transfer facilities. The transfer system of garbage disposal uses garbage trucks in order to transfer garbage. They transport the waste to the landfills. Landfills are areas that are big areas that are specially designed and monitored where garbage is disposed off.

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