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      De-cluttering house for a neat look

      By qwcdirect | September 14, 2011

      De-cluttering a house is one of the most dreaded tasks among people across the globe. This is because they are not aware of the right procedure. If undertaken in parts, the de-cluttering job can seem to be easy. Stated below are some easy tips to de-clutter your house:

      Allot 15 minutes
      You need to reserve at least fifteen minutes in a day to de-clutter the house. Slow and steady wins the race. This adage can help you remove clutter from your house in a short time. Make it a habit and you will be able reach your target soon.
      Start with one room
      You need to pick one room at a time and give it full fifteen minutes in a day. You need to focus on one room until it de-clutters completely.
      De-clutter storage
      Understand that as soon as you get take control of drawers, the room gets de-cluttered. It is important to de-clutter storage first in order to accomplish the task sooner and in a perfect manner.

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