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      Choosing wallpaper complementing your room

      By cooldude | August 23, 2013

      room wallpaperHave you planned to deck up your room with wallpapers? Well, wallpapers are definitely some fantastic additions to your walls assuring a better lasting effect than paints. However, before you settle with the wallpaper selection make sure it complements your room size and contour. Here are some tips that will help you in finding the right wallpaper.

      First of all, if you are worried about your low ceiling, try to go for wallpapers with vertical stripes- the vertical patterns help to make your ceiling look higher. If your room is too narrow and you want a spacious ambience, count on wallpapers with horizontal patterns or stripes.

      The rooms with smaller dimensions look good with wallpapers patterned in geometrical motifs. Make sure never to get dark wallpapers for smaller rooms as these make the room appear constricted and narrower. Do not go for intricate patterns for smaller rooms as these will create a heavy and overwhelming ambience across the room. For smaller rooms, it’s best to decorate the walls with broad wallpapers trips rather than a wholesome piece covering the entire space. The wallpaper strips must be stuck keeping good space in between them for a clean and cool environ.

      For larger spaces, you are free to experiment with big wide patterns and dark shades. There are some really classy dark shaded wallpaper designs in the market today. You can utilize the dark wallpaper to create a stark stylish contrast in the room placing it on one of the walls when you have the other walls in white, cream or beige shades. In regards to wallpaper patterns for large rooms, you will find gorgeous wallpapers with detailed motifs to complement your grand Victorian décor. If you have a very trendy décor, 3D wallpapers would be ideal to get the desired edgy feel to the walls.

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