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      Choosing From various Types Of Rugs

      By mymudmits | February 24, 2017

      Different types of rugs

      Various types of rugs

      Trends in home decoration changes in every few month but rugs are from those home décor accessories whose trend never goes away. Rugs are evergreen and will continue to be one of the best home décor accessories. Now if you also think your home needs rug to enhance the beauty, you must be searching for various types of rugs choices. Well types of rugs are not just for home décor, it also keeps your feet warm and clean. There are so many types of rugs options to choose from, depending upon your need, your home décor and such other things. Which types of rugs to choose also depend upon the room where you want to place your rug? Types of rugs which go well in your living room might not go well in your bedroom. Hence be very careful while choosing the types of rugs. To help you out here is a list of some of the best types of rugs to choose from.

      These types of rugs can be machine made or they can also be handmade. In case of such rugs, thread has to be pulled from the backing for creating the area rug. These types of rugs give many choices in color, size and designs making them a versatile option for any home. Whatever choice you opt for whether it is handmade or machine made it is highly qualitative. There can be minor imperfections in manmade ones but they are really famous for their unique designs. Knotted rugs are very much attractive and they are also very much comfortable. These types of rugs are best suited in bedrooms or in office for adding some color and style to such place.

      Woven rugs are basically made on a loom. These can have plenty of colors of yarns. Both loop piles and cut piles rugs are prepared in the same manner only. This process of rug making is considered as the oldest one. These types of rugs are highly detailed and extremely beautiful but however handloom variety of rugs can prove to be costly choice. As these rugs are very much attractive and also expensive, ensure to place them in a room where it can be seen often and to all those visiting your home. Living room can be perfect for placing woven rugs.

      Among all the types of rugs, tufted rugs are considered as the most sold types of rugs and it is highly mass made. Materials like yarn are mixed up the jute or polupropylene by using a tufting machine. For enhancing the strength of area rug, the backing materials are to be bonded with that of the hessian or any other kind of material. More the amount of tuft better will be its quality. Due to its good quality, tufted rugs are highly resistant to mold, mildew and such other bacteria which can spread illness in the home. Hence these types of rugs should be placed n dining room which chances are there of spill and is also high traffic area.


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