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      Chandeliers accentuate the glam feel of your house

      By cooldude | March 20, 2013

      Chandeliers , home decorMost people associate chandeliers to great halls and ballrooms but it is not so. Chandeliers can be used in your living room or guest room too. There are a huge variety of chandeliers to choose from in the market. As they come in different shapes and sizes. The materials used are also of tremendous importance.

      When looking for a chandelier, the room it will be put up in must be determined first. The design, shape and size must be in accordance with the theme of the room concerned. Chandeliers are no longer merely decorative as there are modified ones which are also a source of light in the room. Chandeliers with bulbs in them can emit different colors of light and therefore can be customized to fit the décor in the room. Chandeliers do give homes that ample amount of glamour that leaves visitors amazed at the luxury of your home.

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