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      Bistro Decorating Ideas

      By qwcdirect | April 4, 2010


      Bistro is associated with a type of café where people can get beverages and snacks. The bistro cafes usually use a long stool and matched chairs. They are usually set on both sides of the café. It has been noted that style has become very popular with recent times. It is now being use in kitchen settings.

      The bistro chair can be placed in one corner with a number of chairs. It is known that this trend stimulates conversation. In addition it is known to save up on space. You can hang curtains and wrought iron hangings on the wall. You can also incorporate e a bistro setting on your backyard or patio. The tables can be made of wrought stone or natural stone. Giving this area such as setting will greatly expand your home area. You can also put up French ad and posters to give a realistic touch.

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