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      Bamboo flooring

      By qwcdirect | September 26, 2010

      Bamboo flooring is a new concept and has been received with mixed reactions. Since bathroom is the only place in the house which attracts huge traffic, so it requires regular cleaning. Due to the presence of high level of moisture the selection of bamboo is critical. The bamboo which can withstand moisture should be selected. Bamboo flooring is less expensive than any other material used for bathroom flooring.

      To ensure a proper drainage, it is essential to provide a tilt towards the direction of the drain. There are many methods which can be kept in mind while flooring your bathroom with bamboo. A professional help is a must while installing the same. Since, bamboo is water resistant so special care should be taken to safely install the bamboo. Frequent dusting and cleaning is must after installation. Bamboo flooring can be highly economical if taken care of. The diversified textures & designs make it a popular choice for bathroom flooring.

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