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      An Overview Of Different Roofing Materials

      By cooldude | September 10, 2013

      Roofing MaterialsToday the homeowners pay special attention to the kind of roofing material that is used in constructing the roof of their homes. If you are thinking of replacing an old roof or constructing a new roof then this article will surely be very useful for you. As you will read on you will get acquainted with the different types of roofing materials that have come into existence.

      Here is some information about the different roofing materials that are famous among homeowners.

      Composition or asphalt shingles: These are low maintenance and low cost roofing materials that are very well-known among the homeowners. Composition shingles are recyclable and are available in different styles and colors. Installing these materials is very simple and these can be nailed over the already existing roof as well.

      Slate: This material is beautiful and natural. It is rot-resistant, fire-resistant, strong and extremely versatile. Slate roofs are also durable, low maintenance and energy efficient. These enhance the look and value of a home indefinitely.

      Metal: Metals such as zinc, lead and copper were used in many historic monuments as roofing materials. Now again their popularity has increased. Steel is also used as a roofing material these days. All these metals are low maintenance, fire-retardant and durable.

      Wood shingles: This is also an all-natural roofing material which is less heavy in comparison with the other roofing materials. Wood shingles are energy efficient but taking care of them is not at all easy.

      The material you pick for building the roof will obviously have a great impact on your budget. You have to select a material that will be durable and will be easily repaired if it damaged due to some reason. The cooling and heating cost of your house will also be affected by the roofing material you have chosen. Take the help of a roofing expert to pick one perfect material.

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