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    • Clever Tips on Decorating your Home

      By Linda | March 21, 2017

      Home decor tips

      Home decor ideas

      Whether you’re planning of moving to another home or you’re thinking of decorating your home by using clever tips. Decide what you want to perform for best results. There are many well-known home decorating tips that are designed by the professionals but you can also carry it in your way. It is easy that can be performed by any of the home owner. You might have heard that saying, sometimes the smallest thing makes an ample of factor and impact. Don’t underestimate the use of small tips. This might help you in increasing the beauty and the charm of your home.  Go for such types of tips that can help you in increasing the beauty as well as making you no cost.

      Here are certain tips ion decorating your home for getting a perfectly suitable home according to your wish and your lifestyle.

      Decorating your home tips:

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      How to Install Bathroom Exhaust Fan

      By Linda | March 11, 2017

      Person installing-exhaust-fan

      Exhaust fan installed by a home oener

      Every time when you use your hot water shower, you invite steam in your bathroom. These steams simply penetrate through crack and many of them cools down and turn into water. When this situation is observed especially to those areas in your home which takes a long to dry, it simply invites the growth of mold and mildew on its surface, bathroom is the exact example that is most affected by this type of situation. There are many things and solutions that can help you in preventing the growth of mold and mildew in your bathroom area. Exhaust fans are the best choice that helps you in dealing with the situation.

      Installing a small sized exhaust fan, mounted in the ceiling premise, works in pulling off the moist air right away from the bathroom premise to the outer and the exterior part of the home. The moist air travels through the exhaust pipes installed in the bathroom. Even, you don’t have only a single choice in exhaust fans; there are different options available where you can select your type of exhaust fans which is not only suitable according to the bathroom interiors but also according to the requirement. Whether you’re installing a new brand exhaust fan in your bathroom or replacing the older one, you might need to follow certain instructions of installing it. Here is the way and method of installing exhaust fan in your bathroom. Have a look over the steps so that you don’t miss out with any of them while installing.

      Process of installing exhaust fans in bathroom:


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      Choosing From various Types Of Rugs

      By mymudmits | February 24, 2017

      Different types of rugs

      Various types of rugs

      Trends in home decoration changes in every few month but rugs are from those home décor accessories whose trend never goes away. Rugs are evergreen and will continue to be one of the best home décor accessories. Now if you also think your home needs rug to enhance the beauty, you must be searching for various types of rugs choices. Well types of rugs are not just for home décor, it also keeps your feet warm and clean. There are so many types of rugs options to choose from, depending upon your need, your home décor and such other things. Which types of rugs to choose also depend upon the room where you want to place your rug? Types of rugs which go well in your living room might not go well in your bedroom. Hence be very careful while choosing the types of rugs. To help you out here is a list of some of the best types of rugs to choose from.

      These types of rugs can be machine made or they can also be handmade. In case of such rugs, thread has to be pulled from the backing for creating the area rug. These types of rugs give many choices in color, size and designs making them a versatile option for any home. Whatever choice you opt for whether it is handmade or machine made it is highly qualitative. There can be minor imperfections in manmade ones but they are really famous for their unique designs. Knotted rugs are very much attractive and they are also very much comfortable. These types of rugs are best suited in bedrooms or in office for adding some color and style to such place.

      Woven rugs are basically made on a loom. These can have plenty of colors of yarns. Both loop piles and cut piles rugs are prepared in the same manner only. This process of rug making is considered as the oldest one. These types of rugs are highly detailed and extremely beautiful but however handloom variety of rugs can prove to be costly choice. As these rugs are very much attractive and also expensive, ensure to place them in a room where it can be seen often and to all those visiting your home. Living room can be perfect for placing woven rugs.

      Among all the types of rugs, tufted rugs are considered as the most sold types of rugs and it is highly mass made. Materials like yarn are mixed up the jute or polupropylene by using a tufting machine. For enhancing the strength of area rug, the backing materials are to be bonded with that of the hessian or any other kind of material. More the amount of tuft better will be its quality. Due to its good quality, tufted rugs are highly resistant to mold, mildew and such other bacteria which can spread illness in the home. Hence these types of rugs should be placed n dining room which chances are there of spill and is also high traffic area.


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      Ideas For Decorating Your Balcony

      By mymudmits | February 9, 2017

      Decorating your balcony with lights

      Decorating your balcony with furniture

      Do you have a balcony? Is it beautiful? If yes then are you using it properly? Balcony are not meant for storage of your extra stuff, it is by far the most cozy place in your home which should be decorated and should be used as a relaxing and chilling place. Balcony is by far the only place in your home which gives you some outdoor space and connects you to nature in your entire home if you are living in a building. But people use it to store useless things in their home and don’t utilize it for the right matter. However you are also doing the same thing, you should doing it and decorate your balcony and make it more beautiful. There are plenty of options for decorating your balcony. Decorating your balcony with various ideas will transform it and give a place from where you will not want to live. Decorating your balcony in right manner will give you a place where you can have a coffee in the morning and a chilled beer with your friends in the evening. By decorating your balcony, your kids can also get a place where they can play and do their homework. Here are some of the simple and easy ideas to decorate your balcony and transform it into something magical.

      Ideas for decorating your balcony

      The most difficult thing while decorating your balcony is to know where to start from. The starting point of decorating your balcony should be the wall. The wall of your balcony would be probably bare and plain. The plain look is really boring, look for some wall art and decorate your wall with that. This wall art is not much expensive and hence you can decorate your balcony in budget.

      When you are done with wall, another essential element of decorating your balcony is furniture. While buying furniture, you need to see which kind of theme you want for your balcony. If you like colors, you can go for buying colorful and funky pieces of furniture whereas on the other hand you can also try putting some antique furniture if you have such choice. You don’t need to buy everything which is so much expensive for decorating your balcony. You can also opt for second hand furniture pieces.

      One of the ideas for decorating your balcony is going green. You can try planting various plants in your balcony. You can create a mini garden in your balcony; it will make you feel like you are close to nature. Choose the flowering plants which you like. You can also hang lanterns in your mini garden. It will add lighting to your balcony and overall combination of mini garden with lights looks really great.

      One of another idea for decorating your balcony is hanging swing in it. Your kids are definitely going to love it. Even you will love it. Just imagine having a cup of coffee and your favorite book and sitting on the swing in your balcony at night. isn’t it amazing?

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      How To Clean Your Chimney

      By mymudmits | January 24, 2017

      tips on chimney cleaning

      Ways of chimney cleaning

      There are certain homeowners who are very much drawn with their fireplace that they will ignore all the hassle and mess which will come along with the chimney. They will also ignore maintenance part and operational part of the chimney and also the dangerous energy inefficiency of it. However apart from all this, what cannot be ignored is the creosote. It is a foul smelling and gummy byproduct of combustion. This makes it very important to clean your chimney or else it can be dangerous. This creosote will gradually build up and it can be an actual like risking hazard and hence you have to be a pro and clean your chimney in timely manner before it creates any danger. Based on one of the estimate, collection of this dangerous creosote contributes a lot to the home fires. If you don’t want to risk your home and your life, you need to be active and clean your chimney effectively and in regular time intervals. Here are some of the tips and tricks which would help you to clean your chimney.

      Step 1

      When you are cleaning your chimney and your fireplace, you will make your floor dirty and end up wasting too much time cleaning it, if you don’t take safety measures. You can take painters drop cloth or plastic tarp and place them on your floor while cleaning your chimney. After that, start with getting rid of the stray bits and ash of wood from your firebox. Make it is free of all the loose debris. After that, you can proceed to opening the damper. It is not possible to separate you’re your living room and your chimney while you are cleaning your chimney and to save your living room from getting dirty, you can make use of plastic sheeting and quality tape. Seal up each and everything of your living room without any gaps.

      Step 2

      When you are cleaning your chimney, one of the essential things which you forget to consider is safety measures. Make sure you put on safety glasses while cleaning your chimney as it will seal your eyes. Along with that also put n dust mask so that you don’t inhale all the dirt and dust coming out the chimney while cleaning it. Keeps some good chimney cleaning brushes and a steady and safe ladder which can take you on the roof?

      Step 3

      Use the chimney cleaning brush while you are on the roof. Remove the cap of the chimney first and then put the brush inside it. Be careful as there can be birds, animals or squirrels residing in there and your sudden cleaning and accidental exposure of them to you can make you misbalanced. Beware of any such situations. There are various size of brush use each of them and clean your chimney properly. After you are done with cleaning, uncover the plastic sheeting you placed in the room and clean your room properly so that there is no dust or dirt in there.

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      Tips on Cleaning Hardwood Floors

      By Linda | January 13, 2017

      Hardwood Floors cleaned by lady

      Lady cleaning Hardwood Floor

      Keep your hardwood floors in up to date condition by implementing smart cleaning tips that will help you in making a good care on your floors. Cleaning your hardwood floors will help you in maintaining its good looks for more time in your future. Grasp the opportunity of cleaning your hardwood floors by following the stated tips.

      Hardwood floor cleaning tips:

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      Decorating Your Home On Tight Budget

      By mymudmits | December 11, 2016

      decorating your home

      tips for decorating your home

      Decorating your home that too when the funds are scarce is quite a challenge. It would have never happened that you have thought of decorating your home and you are ready for it having sufficient funds to incorporate it. Every time with this same reason, you cannot go on delaying decorating your home, In this manner you are never going to be ready about decorating your home. There are plenty of ways through which you can incorporate the project of decorating your home even with tight budget or scarce fund. You must hunt for such ideas and options which fit in with your budget and find the least expensive way to incorporate it in your home. From the big and bold expensive plans, you can shift to lower expensive yet beautiful looking ideas. If you are in such situation, you might need help to figure out what changes you need to make while decorating your home and what are those areas where you need to cut down while decorating your home and matching up with your budget. Here are some of the easy and simple ways to figure out decorating your home on tight budget.

      student home designer

      Hire student home desinger

      You can go for DIY decorating your home but it will be useful only when you have a good sense of styling and decorating. If you have no idea about how to go decorating your home then you should definitely not save too much yet salve up by hiring a student designer. Student designer usually charge less and they also have good sense of decoration. They are usually searching out opportunities to show their talent and as they are not having expertise at it they will not charge too much. By hiring a student designer while decorating your home, you can probably save up much on your cost and also avoid a great risk at making blunders while doing it yourself. While hiring a student designer, interview some of the potential designers before entering into a contract. See the prices of such designers and also check the quality and result of their work and then g for finalizing them. Make the agreement in writing and decide whether you are going to give them the stuff or they will have to buy them and get paid for it. It is essential to carry out such discussions before entering into any contract.

      Biggest mistake you make while decorating your home is that even when you are trying to work on tight budget, you will take too many designing ideas just at once. Those who are new to this home decorating thing can easily fall in the trap of decorating each and every room at once only. If you do such thing, you will feel you have fin ally done every home decoration project and will feel so happy seeing all the new incorporation in the home but probably your wallet will not feel so as it would be emptied and then you would relies it would rather be good if you had work on a slower pace and had not rushed into the decision of doing everything just at once. The best advice while decorating your home is that take one room and then take a pause live for some time and evaluate the mistakes and the pros and then move on to the next as it will good for your budgetary conditions and it will also save you from making same mistake in every room while decorating your home. Prioritise as to which room is more important to you and start with decorating that room first and then go on for others.

      It’s just right for the one wanting their home to have a style statement and want their home to look classy. Choosing the minimum design style will help you keep with your budget as it will cost you less and also help you in getting superior look. Keeping a heavy design can make your home to look a bit too much that too when you have small rooms and more design. Hence choosing minimum style can be beneficial in two ways one is to save your money and another is to make your home look more elegant and decent. This will also save you from overdoing things. Choose neutral colors, go for lesser furniture, use natural materials and fewer accessories and less and bid décor items instead of small but too many décor items. This will help you to keep the space clean and less cluttered. Try to keep more storage space but in a hidden manner. This will enable the rooms to look large and spacious. If you can pull this off in a good manner, it can really look amazing.

      ideas for diy home decor

      Ways of diy home decor

      If you have a good sense of décor and you think you can pull this off then you should definitely go for a DIY home décor. However this can be little bit risky, but after all it’s your home, you can try out different things and if they don’t work you are open the option of changing it. This is one of those things where you can save most of your money. However you can see different home improvement stores for ideas and you can also check out internet and different magazines. This will make you more knowledgeable and help you try different things in your home. You can check pout different items in different stores to see the price range and how and where they are used. Also check the colors in different rooms and try to match up with the situation of your home. If you think you can pull off decorating your home yourself then it is by far the best budgetary measure you can take.

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      Tips To Update Your Bedroom Easily

      By mymudmits | November 9, 2016

      Tips for  updating your bedroom

      ways of updating your bedroom

      Most god things will take time to happen but every now and then you cannot spend too many bucks for one or the other things to improve. Sometimes you have to cut back the corners and make some prompt decisions through which you can bring instant and efficient change. One of such change might be needed with bedrooms. When you live in the same bedroom for many years, you get bored with it. For getting rid of this unhappening bedroom, you have to update your bedroom. When you think of updating your bedroom, you will think those big changes which will cost a fortune of money. It is not necessary that you always need to have excess amount of money to update your money sometimes making some minor changes can also make a big miracle. Hence what you need to do is to hunt for such minor option s which can update your bedroom and make some big difference in there. Here are some of the easy and affordable ideas through which you can update your bedroom and make it a better place.

      Tips to update your bedroom

      Charging wires of phones and laptops sometimes makes the room very much ugly. All those tangled wires steal up the look of your bedroom. If you want to update your bedroom, one of the simple and minor changes can be to take the chargers out of your bedroom. If you have an alarm clock separately then you can also take the phone out of your bedroom. Phone is a bad distraction in today’s time as it is the thing by which you start and end up your day. You even would have earplugs hanging around anywhere on your bed making your bedroom to look dirty band messy.

      Start with your nightstand which is probably the closest thing around your nose when you sleep. Dusting your room from high and low makes your room clean and it is also a nice way to update your bedroom as clean bedroom will always look good. Take into consideration your headboard and tops of any of the art hanging in your bedroom. Don’t forget to clean the baseboards and also run a swipe on the carpets and rugs. Dust the top part of the dresser as it is used very frequently and cleaning it is very much important to update your bedroom. This is really very helpful for those folks who suffer from several allergies.

      Take an empty box and then start searching around your bedroom and find those things which don’t use and lying idle in your room covering its space and making it look messy. Taking that useless stuff out will play a very important role in updating your bedroom. Your closet is that one space which has the most useless items which should be thrown out. Take at least ten things out of your closet which you don’t use anymore. You might face a situation where you will feel may be you will wear on some later date but keep your extra things thinking this. You have collected a heap of clothes by this thought only and now it’s time to clean it off by keeping only what you love and what you use.

      Dresser is also one of those places which are always full with stuff in an unorganized manner.  When you are getting late for office you always get tangled with unwanted things on the dresser and not able to find the wanted ones. Hence organize your dresser to update your bedroom and also simplify your mornings. Keep those things on the dresser which you need every day.

      Is your nightstand doing every single thing which it needs to do or you have filled it up with heaps of books and bobby pins? If second one is your case then you really need to think whether you have your nightstand for these reasons or you want something else from it. Nightstand is also quite visible in your bedroom and if it is filled with stuff, it looks messy and unorganized. Hence if you want to update your bedroom then you need to clear off your nightstand. Keep one or two book on nightstand which you are currently reading and put the rest in bookshelf. You can keep a small tray or basket if there are many things which you need beside your bed.

      Having a clean bed and mattress is very much essential for updating your bedroom. All the above tips will not cost you bucks and even this one will not, if you clean it of yourself instead of giving it in laundry. A clean bed and a clean mattress is the best way to update your bedroom. Don’t forget to clean your pillows as well.

      Check your window coverings as they also play an important part in your bedroom. Is your window coverings are very dark or are they very much heavy or are they not dark enough? Are your curtain rod small which can block the curtains from spreading enough and not stopping the light to enter in your room at day? If you bedroom is having any such issue then you need to fix it to make your bedroom look more good. You can also buy new window coverings as it can update your bedroom very beautifully.

      Make shopping from the rest of the rooms of your house. If you find something good which can be fitted and suited in your bedroom then you can fix it in your bedroom to update your bedroom. This will save you from buying something new and costly. You can find a nice lamp or a good wall hanging from some other room to fit in your bedroom and making it more beautiful.

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      Tips on Improving your Home Lighting

      By Linda | October 26, 2016

      Different stylish option of Home Lighting

      Home Lighting improvement tips

      Many of the home owners feel daunted, when it comes for improving the home lighting. But trust me; the task of home lighting is often over looked. There are plenty of easy steps and ways that can help you in leading to improve your home lighting at your home. Home lighting is a process that can be done without overhauling completely to the system. Few changes and tips of improving your home lighting can lead you in changing the overall look and appearance of your home. Few simple tips offer you with a dramatic makeover of your home. Improving home light not only adds styling features but also increases the personality of the home. Home lighting helps in enhancing the functionary of the home. Trust me good lightings definitely make a difference in a room. Adding and improving your home lightings offers a perfect ambience to space available.

      Thinking of improving your home light? The below stated tips will help you in exploring your ways and opting for best type of home lights, well suit able for your home.

      Improve your home lighting tips:



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      Tips on DIY Pest Control

      By Linda | September 20, 2016

      Two people seeking for DIY Pest Control tips

      Easy ways of having DIY Pest Control

      Rats, insects, Raccoons, birds, and bats have the tendency of easily finding a way to enter your home. I know it is difficult to stop them because they can squeeze from tiny spaces to enter up your home. You won’t even believe how small holes can be beneficial for the rats and mice to pass in your home. Getting the help of professional will cost you more; rather DIY pest control tips are beneficial for home owners. Proper knowledge is essential for carrying the process of pest control because DIY pest control process needs accurate attention. Many times it is notice that due to insufficient knowledge regarding DIY tips of pest control, situation comes to the worst part than before.

      DIY guide for pest control at your home is an easy process but supplied with some complexity that you need to tackle it. If you observe any pest infestation at your home, then first thing is to identify it as early as possible for better care of your home. Keep one thing in mind, the faster they grow, larger cleaning up process increases, that multiplies every day. When you observe those pests are invading your home, required steps are necessary for getting them out. Trust to be faced, be harsh towards them and work efficiently for removing them with the help of pest control process for your home. There are many situations, whereby DIY pest control works prominently for long term results.

      Tips on DIY pest control



      Not only your home but your health is also associated with the damaging effects of pests. Make proper understanding about how pests affect your health. If you let them roam openly at your home, might be chances that diseases spread all over your home with a week or even a day. Make a mission of eliminating these pests out of your home for enjoying healthy and hygienic living. Pest control includes many such aspects that are important tips for you. Well, mice, and rats do not threat us with more affecting agents but dropping of bats are considered to be serous damaging health issue for the members of home.



      Keep a regular eye on each and every openings of your home that you notice. Having a look at home attic space, basement doors and windows, exterior and interior corners of home, and the ventilation area of home because these areas are the roots for the pests to enter up the premise of your home. The DIY pest control tips help you in understanding the basic concept that you must comply. With the help of pest control tips, it suggests of making a note of things and openings that you find while inspecting those areas. Making a note will help you in not forgetting it in future.



      Sealing of openings done by a home owner

      Sealing of openings for pest control process

      After making a proper note of all the openings and holes that you observe, next step is to seal it accurately. Sealing the opening and holes will not let any of the pests enter up your home premise. Among the tips of DIY pest control, sealing the holes and openings are the most effective secret that works efficiently. Have a look on the pest evidences and nest rubbles that you find at your home. This can also be counted as the way for pests to enter your home. Pest control helps in identifying the accurate reason of having affected by pests at your home.



      Regularly cleaning your home is another way of DIY pest control. I know it sounds painful of cleaning it every day but painful aspects provide effective results. Special attention must be given to kitchen and garbage area at your home. Rats are expert of entering your home by the way of kitchen and garbage. Disposing off your garbage properly is necessary because hungry pests are in search of such situation that can affect your home. Containers that you use for storing food should be alright, so that pests cannot affect your food too. Rats have the tendency of chewing the cardboard and damage up the things easily.



      Damp smell attracts more of pests towards your home and the need of pest control arises. Rather proper ventilation is the key to deal with this situation easily. Try to keep the damp areas like basement, attic space and crawlspace as much as dry. Make sure of having proper ventilation for not having any pests at your home. Infested areas are more focused ones for pests. Ventilate it appropriately for having fewer issues of pests. It helps in getting rid of pests in all sources you can.



      Cracks that are found on the entrance of your home, open door sides, and the gaps between walls are some of the spots for pests to enter your home. If you are not sealing it accurately, then it might become the welcoming point for pests. Little bit of hunting will be required for finding such spots. Sealing it will help you in not let any such nuisance enter up the premise. Even hot entry points such as cable wire entry, pipes running in home are such spots that are catchier for such types of pests. Make a use of filling form that can easily close such openings that you notice.



      Amongst all the easiest DIY pest control tip is using spray directly on the pests that you observe at your home. Several pesticides and insecticides are such that are quick effective and easy at use. It is advisable of reading the manual carefully before buying any of products because it contains harmful chemicals that can damage or affect the health of members living in your home. Well, insecticides are pretty much dominant that affects best on such insects or pests that have entered your home.


      Pest controlling process in your way, will lead you in having better idea of what you will need and how will you comply with the process.




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